Master’s Project proposal: local adaptation and genetic trade-offs

We are looking for a motivated student with a good background in programming to carry out a master project on the genetic basis of trade-offs during local adaptation. Local adaptation is widely observed and plays a major role in the evolution of species. Local adaptation often translates into phenotypic trade-offs: individuals that perform well in a given environment perform poorly in another. Numerous studies have tested whether trade-offs observed at the phenotypic level also translate into trade-offs at the level of individual loci controlling the trait of interest. Results have been mixed: in some cases, trade-offs, also called antagonistic pleiotropy, were not observed, , while in others they were frequent. The genetic basis is still poorly understood and there is no clear expectation on what to expect under different demographic and selection scenarios. The project will investigate  how trade-offs develop under different assumptions. It will be based on modifying the newly developed population genetics forward simulation progam SLiM (

Learn more on the project by writing to Martin Lascoux (



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